Not a Pit Stop

More than just a pit stop for when you’re going out west, Rizzo’s is a place for relished & rare badass babes to kick-up their boots (vintage cowboy or PSKaufman, of course), bend an elbow with old & new friends alike, and stay awhile (cause we’re a collective who’s got your back). We’re a little bit Johnny Cash, a little bit Debbie Harry, and a lotta Southwest Americana, where man-made boundaries mean nothing to the rugged lands (kinda how we live our lives). Sound sexual? Read on my friend...

Some come for the garb, but most stay for the community. It’s one thing to breeze through any given place, glance around, maybe throw down some bucks, and walk away with a dime-a-dozen dust collector. It’s an entirely different story when you search high-and-low for a place and face that really ‘gets you;’ gets your unconventional approaches, gets your rebel outlook; gets your iconoclastic stance on self-expression, gets your rebuffing of looking, talking, thinking like anyone else than yourself. And as the almighty one above is rumored to say, when two or more are gathered… well then sparks fucking fly. And that’s exactly what this community is all about, a little less groupthink/basic/fast fashion, a lot more babes who’ve got each other’s back, badasses who are lifting one another up, relished & rare honeys that believe from the bottom of our souls that together we rise and together we revolutionize - and we are gonna look mighty damn fine doin’ it. So take your pick, fast fashion & lone livin’ or slow fashion & fast livin’... the choice is yours.

Rizzo's Babe Brigade - Pioneer Inn, Nederland

When you ride with Rizz, you ride with droves of babes who want to know what you’re up to and how we can support you. When you ride with Rizz, you ride with tarts who’ve got their eye out for that perfect accessory that you’d swoon over at first glance just cause they give a hoot about ya. When you ride with Rizz, you ride with darlins who see you for you, and want even more of that special thing you got (yes… the more cooky, unconventional, and overstated the better).

But the sitch is, everyone can’t ride with Rizz. I know, I know, this sounds contradictory, yet in this self-nominated community there are some ground rules that just don’t gel with all, but those who get it, GET IT.

Rizzo's Renegade Rachael

Don’t even bother stoppin’ by (really, spend your moolah & time elsewhere) if you think inclusivity is either A) a buzzword that you can slap on a sign and call it good, B) is for the birds and looking / thinking / livin’ alike is the only way to fly, or C) a liberal political agenda with the undercurrent of “unfairness.” Around these parts, we not only welcome and actively seek out those who are different, but we strive to elevate the places, spaces, voices, and faces that aren’t always front and center. We look to who’s not in the room or who’s voice or experience is silenced, ask ourselves why, and commit to actually do something about it to shift the dynamic.

Appropriation, co-opting, and marginalization pops our balloons and frankly will make us contemplate pissin’ on your peach tree (after the sun goes down of course). We actively work to remove any pedestals of oppression, while also acknowledging the power that every given one of us has and commit to the right use of that very power. We commit to checking ourselves, and each other, with abandon (let’s not pussyfoot around). We respect that conflict, at its core, is positive: it's the marriage of opportunity and danger, a good upheaval shows us where we invested way too much in an illusion. We’re not afraid of feedback, in fact we rely on it to live in integrity, which at the end of the day, is exactly what being a relished & rare badass babe is all about.

Rizzo's Babe Brigade - Rare Vintage Clothing

So if livin’ by these values isn’t bitin’ off more than you can chew, swing on by, pop-on in, drop us line, shoot us a smile, we’d love to meet ya, treat ya, and maybe we can learn each other a thing or two. Let’s not make life a series of hazy pit stops. Let’s hold, with ferocity, the power of community, brave spaces of belonging, and dingy underbellies drenched in sweat of hardworking, no-nonsense, honeys ready and willing to share the shirt & dirt of their back with ya. This is Rizzo’s, come on in, stay awhile.

From the hitching post,