Show me your Rizzo

I’m a Rizzo, you’re a Rizzo, WE’RE ALL A RIZZO!

As I shared in my blog What’s a Rizzo,” Rizzo is a state of mind and way of being. One that is all about lassoing that tough cookie version of yourself and wrangling it to the forefront so that you can ride off into the painted sky sunset as the most bonafide version of YOU.

The Rizzo's Badass Babe Brigade

As the head mistress, curator, and collector for Rizzo’s, I thought I’d share a sneak peak of who she is to me and how I live my truest Rizzo. I’ll also share with you an opportunity to win $100 gift card when you show me your Rizzo, read on babe!

Head Honcho Sarah Silvas of Rizzo's with Edie

My inner Rizz has lived life, she’s no spring chicken and she’s got a well-earned chip on her shoulder and wears her skepticism well, all while knowing the value of a critical eye. Rizzo fans an untempered fire in her heart for feminism and social justice, and she’s not afraid to show it. She’s no bullshitter, and she won’t participate or perpetuate anyone else’s BS.

She’s and audiophile and partially hard of hearing because of the 100s of concerts she’s enjoyed from side-stage, sipping beers from the green room with the musicians. She’s grown-up riding horses, listening to Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stones,  the Eagles, and anything with an 80s synthesizer. She developed her love for rock n’ roll after her waaay younger boyfriend broke her heart and she discovered lust for jam bands when her better half put that very heart back together.

Rizzo, much to her Catholic school principal’s mortification, has never been what you’d call “normal” or “average,” and growing up peers equally hated her and wanted to be like her. She’s always shirked fads and trends for fashion that sings to her soul and bucks the status quo. The way others see her is as ever changing as a mood ring, a new look each day, yet always distinctively her. Rizzo is a sucker for the “girlie” things in life, hair, make-up, and of course badass nails. But she’s less preppy pretty and more fierce and unapologetic about her look. She’s been told she’s “too much,” but to those that get her, she’s just enough. Words she commonly hears are “I could never wear that,” and she agrees… because her style isn’t for everyone. Its for the rule-breakers, risk-takers, and change-makers.

Rizzo's Vintage Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry

After finishing college, which she did as a bet rather than a personal goal, she’s dabbled in jobs, just like she has fashion. And while she’s found something that makes her happy and more than pays the bills, she’s always making more room on her plate for what’s next. Never one to stay stationary for too long, yet fierce about her commitments, she follows her heart when it calls her to the next thing.

But she really cares less about how she makes money, and more about how she spends her time, and with who. You can find her deeply digging in the discount basket at the local second-hand shop for her next treasures, sipping a whiskey or beer under low lighting in the corner of a favorite watering hole with a trusted confidante, or rockin’ out to live music in her choice small venues. To her, a trusted friend is more valuable than a lifetime’s salary, and her “me” time is worth more than what all her money could by.

Rizzo's Vintage Clothing

Rizzo’s ideal day looks like sleeping in then snagging breakfast at the cheapest diner around for those greasy fried eggs and potatoes, she’d love to spend the afternoon thrifting with a buddy, laughing about the silly shit people once held so dear and crying over the vintage turquoise she found for under $10. After snagging the best deals in town, she’d grab a beer, chicken wings, and chili cheese fries before meeting up with her man for some live music and dancing ‘til dawn.

Rizzo's Vintage Bolas

Pen to paper, this is my inner Rizzo, I’d love to hear about yours! Who is she? What brings her alive? What does she love and how does she spend her time? Light her up, let sparks fly, and burn down anything that doesn’t let her come alive.

Share a picture that captures YOUR Rizzo and caption it for the Rizzo’s Rebel community on Instagram. Tag @ShopRizzos with the hashtag #MyRizzo for a chance to win a $100 gift card. A new ‘Rizzo’ is chosen every month from the #MyRizzo shares on Instagram, will it be you?!

Show me your Rizz!

With love & Topo Chico,