Lil Pricks Needlewerks - Edie
Picture this...

Deep in the heart of Texas, along a lazy creek, Edison bulb string lights giving off a soft warm glow, flamenco guitar playing in the background, and prickly pear margaritas on the table - the perfect setting for two kindred spirits to meet. And that’s exactly what happened when Sarah met Edie. After a last minute road trip through America’s wild west, the universe sealed the deal and made these two fast friends - ride or die. Or at least ride to the thrift store and promise not to swoop in on the other's finds, like a real friend.

Long story short, the stars aligned, magic happened and the Rizzo’s + Lil' Pricks Needlewerks collaboration was born. We think it’s the perfect pairing... like tequila and lime, marijuana and papers, sex and candy, Rizzo’s and Lil Pricks Needlewerks.

Edie of Lil Pricks NeedlewerksAbout Edie

Edie is a self-taught embroidery artist whose art was born out of boredom and pain. In late 2018 Edie woke up unable to walk and in incredible amounts of pain. Two months in and doctors are still perplexed and Edie is smoking enough legal Colorado cannabis for pain management that she damn near gave Willie a run for his money. During this time, a friend suggested she take up needlework and gifted her an alien embroidery kit. She took to it like gasoline on a wildfire.

Flash forward to present day: Edie is no longer stuck in bed, has a diagnosis, is still high as a kite (just a little less high), and her natural snark and 'go fuck yourself attitude' towards the patriarchy found themselves the perfect outlet in embroidery.

You can read more of her story and connect with her on IG @lilpricksneedlewerks or on her website {coming soon}.

Edie at the Pioneer Inn in Nederland, COPhotos: Tabor Bonde