Summer is upon us and it’s time to hit the pool and pull out our favorite swimsuits. From one pieces to bikinis to board shorts; there are so many styles of swimwear and they’ve changed so much over the years. As vintage lovers, we know everything always comes back into fashion and we can definitely see it in swimsuit styles. We wanted to take a look back at the last 100 years to see just how much things have evolved. 

1910: Swimsuits in the early 1900’s were big and bulky, and usually made of wool or other knit materials. Think big bloomers and accessories like “bathing socks” or “bathing caps.” 

1920: In the 20’s things started to get a little shorter and more freeing but swimwear was still very practical and regulated! Women would often get measured to make sure what they were wearing wasn’t too revealing. 

1930: In the 30’s we start to see silhouettes we might be more familiar with today. Necklines got a little lower and straps became a little thinner. The material also started to include synthetics like rayon and lastex which made swimwear a lot more breathable. 

1940: There starts to be a lot more changes to women’s swimsuits in the 40’s. This is when we first see the 2 piece bikini featuring a high waisted bottom. One pieceS still continue to be popular with an almost a-line skirt. Swim wear also became a lot more athletic during this time, in part due to women’s activities and also newer materials. 

1950: In the 50’s swimsuits start to be a lot more fun with patterns like polka dots, stripes, and florals still featuring the high waisted bottoms. 

1960: By the 60’s one pieces were a lot tighter and more form fitting. Bikinis also started to get a little more revealing, especially with new strapless tops. The surfing movement really took off in the 60’s which led to very moveable pieces as well. 

1970: 70’s was all about bright patterns and bold colors. As women started to travel more there was also a rise in resort that might be a little more unique or dressier. 

1980: Again, prints were bright and colors were neon, matching other fashion styles of the time. Women started to experiment with different styles including daring cut outs and string bikinis. 

1990: 90’s was the era of Baywatch and swim wear was all about sexy one pieces with high cut legs. Prints continued to be bold and colorful. 

2000: The early 2000’s was the first appearance of the tankini, credited to designer Anne Cole. At this time women were wearing a lot of suits that are very familiar to us today. Colorblocked prints and bikinis in a variety of fashions, some suits started going in a little bit of a more retro direction too. 

2010: 2010’s saw a lot of body positivity swimwear, which we absolutely love. Designs are made to fit everyone, and your body is beach ready no matter what. We love seeing how many women these days express themselves in whatever feels most comfortable for them whether it's a vintage inspired one piece, board shorts or a teeny tiny metallic bikini. 

Have the best summer ever!!