Rizzo's Babes at the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, CO

We all know Rizzo. She’s that ‘can’t live with or without' friend who’s chock full of fight, solid as a rock, bold as brass, and never looks back. Rizzo is that version of you who comes on strong and leaves the situation hot when you know what you want and aren’t going to settle. It’s who you are when you look in the mirror and you’re reflection is winking backatcha with sly side-smile because mischief is afoot.

Rizzo’s is a little bit Johnny Cash, a little bit Debbie Harry, and a lotta southwest Americana, where man-made boundaries mean nothing to the rugged lands (kinda how we like to live our lives).

Rizzo's Tiger Logo

When Sandy embraced her inner Betty Rizzo, what did we get? A catsuit. A goddamned skin-tight, black catsuit and so much hair volume that even ole Johnny’s hair couldn’t compete. She even topped the look off with a little sexy swagger in her step and so much flirt that babes still wet the basement when they watch that scene.

Slow Fashion, Fast Livin - Hell babe Rachael on her motorcycle

At Rizzo’s, this is in part what we aim to help you do: Wrangle and adorn your inner Rizzo and make all the babes sweat your style and grace... or your middle finger and resting bitch face.

For the Record: We love a good resting bitch face, so if you have one to share with the world, use #RizzosRestingBitchFace on IG so we can see it, share it and revel in all its glory. Because let's be real, no human should have to smile unless they’re feelin’ it and even if that’s the case, your inner Rizzo can still RBF her way through the day.

We also aim for you to harness the badassery of your inner Sandy; here, we promise you won’t need to change who you are to find a community who relishes you for exactly your rare, eclectic, hot-fire self. Come as you are, leave MORE of who you are.

Meet Sarah Silvas-Bernstein, owner of Rizzo's

Meet Sarah - Head Mistress, treasure hunter and stylist. Sarah scours America’s backroads and byways for vintage clothes, accessories, and adornments for every body type. Human suits come in all sorts of glorious shapes and sizes, with roller coaster curves and sky high legs and we love that about individuality and humanity. Each one of us is a fox wrapped in our own perfect body and that should be celebrated with fucking champagne fountains every day. But since that is a slightly Marie Antoinette-inspired, unreasonable-ass request, we’ll just be satisfied if we can help make your closet the envy of all your friends (and enemies for that matter, that bitch!), and assist in amplifying the saucy knockout you are (inside & out).

Behind every badass babe is another one lifting her up and making sure her hair is good, there's no lipstick on her teeth, and no tags are showing. Consider Rizzo’s founder, Sarah, that babe for you.

Sarah has an impeccable eye for all things fashion. A natural head turner with her unique fashion voice guiding her way, she’s taken the world on and looks mighty good doing it. She spends hours in dusty thrift stores and in the back corners of closets hunting for that next perfect piece. Now that passion and hobby has grown into a full fledged shopping experience for folks who want to look as badass as they feel.

Rizzo's Head Honcho Sarah Silvas

Hailing from the wild west town of Gunbarrel (yup, that’s really the name), nestled at the edge of some real “high” mountains, Sarah grew up by some of the best garment treasure troves in the world. But don’t ask about her favorite hidden gems because her lips are sealed… in red lipstick that is perfectly applied and flawless always. 

Sarah inspects, researches, prices, and packages every garment herself, ensuring they meet her high standard of quality. She’s wild about every piece she sells and never stocks anything because its “hot,” “a fad,” or “trendy.” She’ll never show you something just cause she wants you to buy it. Rather, she’s invested in you finding the perfect threads and wares that amplify your True Blue Rizzo. Whether you’re just stopping thru for a sought after accessory, or you’re aiming to revamp how you do you from the inside out, Sarah is committed to serving you with her world famous class, sass, and tough-as-nails brass.

Who shops at Rizzo’s?

If you are reading this, then you do. The magic of the interweb has brought you here, this isn’t a mistake, you are meant to be here, we have been waiting for you all our lives, this feeling is real…

Make no mistake if you are a living breathing human and you are reading this then you are the kinda person who shops with Rizzo. Whatever you got, flaunt it. We support that and wanna dress it...like so hard its almost pornographic (these feels may actually be banned in parts of the deep south).

Relished & rare finds for your bones and home.

Here, at Rizzo’s, we pick relished and rare pieces for the badass babe who loves leather, denim, and vintage tops & tees, and whose eyes are always hunting for the iconic brands and styles that define classic Americana.

From the Mouth of Babes

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Still got questions, like “why are her eyebrows so amazing”, "where does she get her nails done“ or "what's her favorite red lipstick?” Send her a note from our Contact page or pop-in to her inbox at Sarah@ShopRizzos.com.

Hope to see ya back here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!