We just celebrated Melynn’s birthday this weekend. She is a Rizzo’s rockstar with amazing style who helps make Rizzo’s everything that we know and love. She’s our digital media specialist and all around expert creative, and she looks damn good doing it. 

Here are some of Melynn’s current favs in the store. 

First up this pink ice bracelet, if you know Melynn you’ll know she loves pink. This Antique 10K Gold and pink bracelet is her favorite color and always catches her eye when she’s in the shop. She generally loves antique jewelry and how unique each piece is. 

This 1970’s vintage Levi’s denim jacket is another one of her favorites. Levi’s is Melynn’s favorite brand of jeans and she loves the waist cinch on this jacket so you could wear it more fitted or oversized depending on your style or outfit. 

Melynn’s from Austin and loves anything that reminds her of her Texas roots which is why she can’t resist these red cowboy boots. If they were her size, she says she would have bought them instantly. 

Another one of Melynn’s favorites in the store is the incense we carry. We’ve got a couple different scents and they’re all equally amazing. Melynn loves to burn incense in the store and at home because it creates such a nice, calming environment. 

Last but not least, Melynn is a huge fan of the new artwork we have in store by A Subtle Notion. Obviously, her favorite is this pink one. Melynn loves mixed media art and thinks the detail and appreciation for the human body in these pieces is really beautiful. 

Make sure to wish our sweet Melynn a Happy Birthday and let her know if you’re loving any of these as well.