Vintage Jewelry Sets

It’s almost the holidays and we all know what that means. More parties, more dressing up, and more bling. Right now at Rizzo’s we’re all about jewelry sets. Sets like these give you so many options to play around with and are great for making a statement, whether you want to match or mix and match.

Plus, they might be the perfect gift for someone in your life.

All of the pieces we sell in the store are certified vintage and sourced specially for all of you! We love vintage jewelry because of its great quality and how unique every piece is. It’s so much more sustainable and so exciting to find a piece you fall in love with.

In our post a couple weeks ago, we talked about the ‘cowgirl meets outlaw’ vibe for the season and these chunky silver, turquoise pieces are giving exactly that. The big rings and matching cuffs are so versatile for any outfit and we love how easily they can mix and match. All of these pieces are sterling silver set with turquoise and coral stones.

Speaking of mix and match, mixed metals have been taking center stage recently. This two-toned heart necklace is to die for; one side is silver, and the other is gold. You can pair it with these chunky 14k gold teardrop earrings and this simple 14k white gold cuff for the ultimate cool girl jewelry. 

We know Halloween is over, but if you’re still in a bit of a spooky mood this might be the set for you. Sterling silver ring, cuff bracelet, and matching brooch all engraved with an amazing onyx design in the center. The black stone is so stunning and definitely a statement piece.

If you’re into more delicate jewelry, this glassy lilac set is so beautiful and we can’t get enough of the color. Purple is often used to symbolize creativity, femininity, royalty, and spirituality. The earring and matching bracelet are set in gold. You can easily stack it with this jade and gold bracelet for a fun pop of color, we’d never say no to a bit of color blocking.

Last, but certainly not least, these pieces from the Cameo collection. Inspired by ancient Sumerian and Greek seals, signet rings, and currency this set is so beautiful and intricate. The peach and purple undertones match perfectly with the gold and we love the pearls on the brooch.

You can purchase everything here from us in store or online, individually or as a set. Can't wait to see all of you style these amazing pieces!