We’re wintering down and channeling our inner mob wife. It’s the season for warm, cozy, and fur. There’s nothing more chic than a little bit of fur, it’s right at the intersection of elegant and glamorous, and there’s so many ways to dress it up or down. 

All of our furs are vintage or second hand, so they’re sustainable and not contributing to current fur farming practices. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration and we still have a couple available in store and online so make sure to stop by and come try them on! 

A longer fur coat is definitely the warmest option, we love this two toned rabbit one. The brown collar is so thick and ties in perfectly with the hem. This is one we would for sure love to have in our closets. 

This curly mongolian goat is another stunning long coat option. The texture in the fur is so cute and this shade of brown is so chef’s kiss. You could dress it down with a tee and jeans or wear it on a night out with your favorite LBD. 

We’re also loving this more casual, deep chocolate mink jacket. The color is such a rich brown and this one really is so easy to throw on when you’re running out the door. 

There are so many other unique ways to wear fur that aren’t coats like these new Bustleworship collars. Jensina Endresen, the designer behind the brand, breathes new life into old objects and antique textiles to create sacred adornment. The styling options are endless with these collars. 

Dress them up with your favorite glitzy party dress like we did here with the chain one. Or wear them more casually over a hoodie or jean jacket. We’re especially loving the fringe on some of these, like the color contrast with the red collar and this indigo hand dyed denim jacket

If you’re ready to rock some crazy fur, we’ve got just the thing for you. This mink shoulder fur is absolutely statement and you’ll be turning necks. 

Whichever way you’re choosing to stay warm this season, we hope it’s extra extra cozy.