This week is the birthday of our fearless, beautiful leader, Sarah. Sarah is the founder and owner of Rizzo’s and the magic behind everything in the store. She embodies the spirit of Rizzo, a natural head turner with her unique fashion voice guiding her way, she’s taken the world on and looks mighty good doing it. 

Sarah spends hours in dusty thrift stores and in the back corners of closets hunting for that next perfect piece for all of you, so you can look as badass as you feel.

This week we’re celebrating Sarah and sharing some of her current favs in the store. She is one person we should all definitely be looking to for inspo so keep reading to see what she’s loving right now. If you want to learn more about Sarah, read the interview we did a couple months ago here. 

Mocktails: We have so many fun mocktails in the shop right now and Sarah loves these because she’s not a huge drinker but loves being able to still celebrate and sip on something whether she’s out with friends or lounging at home. Sarah says the non-alcoholic mocktails help her keep her skin clear and wake up feeling so refreshed. 

Talia Leigh: Sarah and Talia have been friends for over a decade. Sarah’s been able to support Talia’s business and designs in so many different ways over the years. Now that Sarah owns the store and Talia is producing beautiful couture pieces, featuring them in the store felt like a perfect fit. If she absolutely had to pick a favorite, Sarah says hers would probably be this hot pink hoodie blazer. That’s the one we’d pick too ;) 

Brennan candles: Sarah is an avid candle burner, there’s always one going whenever she’s around. She loves the mix of bold and softer scents in the Brennan candles, there’s one for any mood. 

Sacred Ace Cuticle Oil: Sarah always has the best nails, and loves using this cuticle oil. She says this oil helps keep her long natural nails healthy and helps her hard gel manicures stay on all month. She uses it multiple times a day and keep the dropper right on her bedside. 

Sock Candy Socks: Sarah is loving these socks right now because they can transition footwear from spring and summer to fall and winter so easily. They really that extra pop of an accessory that is so unexpected. 

Stop by the store to pick up some of Sarah’s essentials and wish her a happy birthday this week!!