We’re all about lace right now and styling clothes meant for the bedroom outside the house. There is something so delicate, beautiful, and alluring about lace whether it’s your statement piece or it’s peeking out of a sweater or tee. 

We’re especially loving these stunning bodysuits by The Bradshaw Collection. The mother daughter team creates boutique lingerie with high quality fabrics. 

Each piece is so uniquely designed and detailed. Channel your inner diva and wear any of these as a top with jeans, skirts, and shorts.  They’re also so adorable as a layer under something mesh or more see through. 

This one has gold detailing and a deep vee with a slimming black band around the waist. 

This next one is mostly mesh with an almost dragonesque detailing around the chest and midriff – the way it pops on skin creates a beautiful effect. 

Last but not least, and one of our favorites, the floral lace detailing on this one is absolutely incredible. We can see this being the most perfect first date or dinner outfit, peeking out of a little cardigan. 

Vintage slip dresses like these are also the perfect way to bring a little sexy out into the streets. These have been trending the last few years and we totally understand why. Now that summer is around the corner, we know these will be staples in your closet.

So many of these vintage slips have the most precious lace detailing or sweet little bows around the neckline.