Happy Earth Day!  This is a great time for all of us to think about how our fashion choices can contribute to sustainability and keeping our special planet happy and healthy. Shopping vintage is one of the best ways to do that.  Vintage clothing reduces the demand for new production and decreases the environmental impact of fast fashion. Not only do you get unique pieces that hold stories and history but you’re reducing waste too. 

Beyond vintage, you can shop reworked and sustainable brands. Sustainable fashion designers are challenged to create beautiful clothing items within the confines of low waste production and earth conscious materials. They’re using new practices like natural dyes, mixing fabrics, and more. 

We’ve got a couple things we’re loving in the store right now that can give you some inspo on how to revamp things from your own closet to get a completely new and unique piece. 

Assemblage artist Jensina Endresen, the talent behind Bustleworship reworks old textiles into vests and other clothing items. Jensina combines different materials like denim, embroidery, and more to make special reworked apparel. 

We have a couple very unique Rizzo’s only pieces as well from an indigo dying workshop we hosted last summer. The group went through the process of selecting a design for their garments and then learning about the process of indigo dying. This is such a fun way to customize something you already have in your closet and re craft it into something completely new and sustainable. Indigo dyed pants 

Another way to rework pieces you already have is with embroidery or crochet. For example, this amazing sweatshirt dress by Kate Major. She created this unique, textured sea creature which gives the perfect pop of fun and color to something that would have otherwise been basic. 

There’s so many fun DIY’s you can do easily at home or find local workshops and classes on how to knit, tie-dye, sew, and more!