Leveling up your closet

When the trends are always changing, it’s easy to feel like your closet always needs to be changing too. We’re more about dressing in what makes you feel good and not what’s 'in style.' But we totally get that sometimes you just need a refresh. 

There’s so many ways to take things you already own and revamp them so that getting dressed everyday is as fun and creative as it can be. 

One thing we’re loving right now is wearing clothes ‘the wrong way.’ Wear your tie as a belt, tie your scarf into a huge bow, wear your bra over your dress. There’s no rules. Exploring different ways to style your most essential pieces gives them a whole new life. You’ll be able to play around with proportions or color and get to something so unique and still wear your favorite pieces out the door. 

Another amazing way to spice things up is layering. Throw a sweater over your favorite summer dress for an entirely new look, or throw your favorite summer dress on over a sweater. Mixing and matching pieces from different seasons can create such great contrast in terms of color and texture. You can also totally mix and match different aesthetics, for example this flowy cottage core yellow dress with bell sleeves, matched with the rocker band tee and corset. We’re obsessed! 

Speaking of mix and match, pick 2 things in your closet that you think absolutely don’t go together. You might be surprised. Mixing patterns is such a fun way to style things in a new way. That striped sweater that you would never pair with those checkered pants might just become your new favorite outfit. You can also totally do this in a more neutral way or with color. Instead of grabbing a basic white or black tee to go with a printed skirt, reach for your neon greens. 

If you still think you need some new things to add some zest to your closet and step outside of your comfort zone, picking some unique pieces and pairing them with a more basic outfit is a great way to start. Build your base with some of your everyday essentials and then add a unique print or pop of color for the feel of a totally new outfit. 

 2024 is the year of experimenting and dressing exactly how you want to. Go a little crazy and be bold, we promise you’ll look as good as you feel.