Adorn Yourself

No outfit is ever complete without accessories. There are so many ways to adorn and embellish what you’re wearing to give it that little something extra special. They’re also such a good way to let your personality shine through and tell your fashion story. Here are a couple of our favorite outfit accent pieces and finishing touches in store right now. 

We’re loving all things fur this season (hello mob wives!!) but sometimes a full coat can feel like a little bit much. These collars are an amazing option. You can style them on their own over almost anything or let it peep out of your coat for that little pop of fur. We’re especially loving the fringe on some of these too, it’s the perfect thing to add to your outfit this winter. 

These are new in the store and we’re obsessed. bustleworship is a local “one-woman wondershow of vintage collection, curation and re-creation.” Jensina reworks antique textiles into amazing new pieces. This denim vest has a colorful back with amazing embroidery. 

If you’re liking the embroidery, we also have a couple of these stunning vests. The colors on these are so rich and deep. We can’t get enough of these patterns. Vests are such a fun way to adorn your outfit and add that extra bit of “Rizzo.” 

Jewelry might seem like the most obvious way to embellish an outfit but it can have such an impact, especially when the piece is different and unique. We specially source all of the jewelry here at Rizzo’s so you know it’s great quality and certified vintage. 

This dainty antique 14K gold pearl emerald diamond bracelet has genuine pearls and sparkling diamonds. Tthis bracelet will definitely add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. It's the perfect blend of vintage charm and timeless beauty.

This antique John Atencio sterling silver heart ring is the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Rings are such a fun way to make sure you're adorning yourself with something special from head to toe (or fingertip). 

These charming gold feather earrings are another amazing statement piece. The antique finish adds a vintage feel and we love the nod to nature. 

Obviously we can’t forget about the ultimate accessory; the belt. And this one is as good as belts come. The beading on this one is so intricate and beautiful and the color combo means the options are endless. You can easily throw this on with a plain black outfit and let it be the star of the show, or layer in more colorful pieces to create a stunning, maximalist look. 

Last but not least, every girl’s best and most functional accessory. We’re always talking about these bags but it’s because we just can’t get enough. Jessie Rose & Co. has the most amazing leather work and the coolest embellishments. The little metal florals on this bucket bag are incredible and this lilac is the perfect pop of color to take your outfit to the next level. To top it all off, nothing says statement like a long fringe. 

No matter what you choose, the fun little add-ons are always what make an outfit. Tag us on instagram and let us know what your favorite accessories and embellishments are.