We’ve got some amazing new pieces in the store by a local artist, Steffie Notion (she/they). Steffie started working with textiles when she was 8 years old sewing dresses and clothes with her mother. 

Her love for patterns, fabric, and thread has persisted and her love for the human form and sexual expression shines through in her work. We know all of these pieces would look beautiful in your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere that needs a little touch of beauty. 

Portraying empowered human bodies are a continual source of inspiration for Steffie’s work, especially when that body is presented authentically, with no fear of judgement. At Rizzo’s we love this, because we know that everybody is perfect just the way they are. 

In 2020 she began working with recycled bike tube to create harnesses and various fashion accessories, you can see some of that in her pieces below. 

We’re obsessed with these embroidery hoops, featuring all different kinds of fabrics and colors. These are great to mix and match or as standalone pieces. 

If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, this black and white piece is amazing. The more abstract forms complimented with the touch of floral fabric is perfect minimalist meets maximalist. 

 Steffie also has some pieces that feature bright, bold colors if that’s more your speed. We’re loving the bright green and purple here. 

 To see more of Steffie’s work or to work with her on a commissioned piece check out her website. 

She is also hosting a workshop on March 23 to upcycle old bike tubes into stylish jewelry pieces & wearable art. You can buy a ticket here