If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of here at Rizzo’s it’s prints. We wrote about florals a couple weeks ago but that is only the beginning for patterned pieces. Whether you like a bold full body jumpsuit or a more subtle two toned top, prints are such a fun way to add dimension to your outfit. 

Starting off strong, this absolutely stunning embroidered top – it’s long, heavy, and so detailed. The colors on this one are so incredible and rich. We love the detail in this pattern and the bold color combo. It has long tassels on the side. You can pair this with almost anything but it’s beautiful enough to stand alone. 

This one of a kind denim Talbot jacket was hand indigo-dyed by some of our own during a workshop we had here at Rizzos. Because it’s hand-dyed, the print is unique, there is no other piece like it! Light jackets like this are perfect for spring to throw on over any outfit.

This bright red paisley top is definitely a head turner – you could style it buttoned up like shown here or wear it open with a cute tank or tee underneath. This is a classic print that will never go out of style. 

Speaking of red, vintage Bonne Petite blazer with a mini red gingham is another classic print. We’re loving the detail on the hems and the red buttons. So many ways to style this, whether its at the office or for your perfect picnic park day. 

If something a little more subtle is more your speed, this two-toned striped top is perfect for you! It has a matching skirt but you could mix and match either piece. We love the structure on the shoulder of this top with the adorable puff sleeves and button detailing. 

If you really want to make a splash and turn heads, this colorful, art poppy sundress is the one to do it. This is the print of all prints – with smiley faces, UFOS, aliens, and sunshines all the way through. 

Having a print also doesn’t mean it has to be across the entire piece. This vintage Hairston Roberson black blazer has some amazing embroidered detail, especially the arrow design on the pocket. This is a more low-key way to add some intentional design and art into your wardrobe while still looking effortlessly cool.